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3 Tips To Improve User Interface


The user interface or UI is the look and feel of everything including images, buttons, illustrations, and texts. Its goal is to make a product become user-friendly and to build trust. In this article, I share 3 practical tips to improve the user interface from an entrepreneur’s point of view.

A great UI is about finding a balance between values and visuals. You can enhance the user interface by improving (a) graphic design (e.g., typography, color, elements) (b) visual design (e.g., layout, infographics). Plus, you always must apply design principles to ensure the delivery of quality design.

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Manage Attention

Users will bounce if they can not resolve their needs in less than 30s. You have to be able to take their attention in this duration and guide them all the way through the process. You can manage users’ attention by a set of visual tools such as color, contrast, and typography.

We know that “difference” attracts one’s attention and contrast is a tool to intensify differences in an environment. Color is also an effective tool to attract one’s attention to important or actionable elements. For example, the donation button usually is colored red; a bright color that attracts attention. So, you should use color, contrast, and typography wisely to manage the attention of users toward or aways something.

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Make it Simple

A great user interface must be very simple to use. A very good example of this simplicity is the comparison between past and recent remote controllers. The former has dozens of buttons but the latter has only a few buttons.

If you want to make a website or app easy to use, you must structure information properly. But how?  First, you have to think about the key messages or key steps. Then, you should segment them into meaningful chunks. Each chunk can be a bullet point or a button. You should also adjust white spaces and alignments to indicate relationships between certain chunks.

How simplicity matters in user adoption
Figure 1- Simplicity

Be Consistent

This is my favorite since it can be very effective. You can enhance product affordance by being consistent with what users are already accustomed to since they subconsciously feel confident and safe about it. For example, individuals are accustomed to the design principles, user journey and information structure that they experienced in very popular services.

Therefore, you should try common visual languages that everyone uses instead of creating one from scratch. Google was a pioneer to introduce a visual language called Material Design which is a series of principles and templates for the design community to create unity. You also have to be consistent with your own design by creating patterns. These will significantly reduce bounce rates and acquisition costs.

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  • Manage the user’s attention by any means
  • Build an interface as simple as possible
  • Be consistent with popular visual languages

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