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Is it Hard to Become a Great Product Manager?

Here, I share my thoughts.

It is hard to have effective communication and empathy with everyone. It needs a wide range of hard and soft skills with actual experiences in every role that you want to work with. For example, you must have experience of developing a software or designing a mobile application to ensure having effective communication with developers and designers in your team. You do not directly manage a project or a team in this role; however, you need to know their challenges and be ready to encounter with them.

Having a product successfully shipped needs zillions of careful considerations. To obtain a good insight into the process of shipping a product, you have to be part of this journey several times. They do not need to be equally successful but you have to learn from this process every time and be more prepared for the next time. Is market size big enough? Do we know what our customer needs are? How should we meet our customer expectations? You have to be skilled to conduct effective data-driven research to extract answers to these questions and many others.

Creating an exponential growth for your product is exciting but very hard. You build an awesome product, and you think it is done. Not true. You have to create growth in your customer engagement and/or monthly revenue. Are there any straightforward paths to increase engagement or revenue? It is unfortunate but the answer is “No”. Every product has its own characteristics, every market segment has its own dynamic, and every industry has its own rules.